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Commercial Cleaning Applications


ATR Maintenance Services stays competitive by being on the cutting edge of cleaning technology. Using a crystallization cleaning method, this process cleans deeper and dries up to six times faster than conventional machines. However, in some instances it is more practical to use our high end commercial extractor depending on the type of carpet, dirt buildup, and stains. With hand held attachments, we can navigate into tight spaces to effectively clean stairs and upholstery.

ATR Maintenance Services also offers scotch guarding after a thorough cleaning, which extends the life of your carpet and upholstery; it does this by creating a protective layer around the fibers which defends against foreign contaminants from penetrating the surface. The combination of our cleaning systems allows us the versatility to use the most effective cleaning process on your carpet. This will maximize the longevity and appearance of your carpets and upholstery.

  • Grease, Water stains
  • Candle wax, Gum
  • Coffee, Paint
  • Pet stains
  • Vomit, Blood


If you have a floor in your home or business that is slippery when wet, we have a solution for you. We have a variety of products and procedures that can help reduce the slipperiness of virtually any surface and the liability that can accompany it. Types of floors that can be treated include ceramic, mosaic, granite, terrazzo, quarry tile, or slate. But it doesn’t stop at flooring, we can even anti-slip your shower, bath tub, or slippery staircase. Our anti-slip treatment procedure increases traction on theses surfaces by opening up tiny pores in the tile surface. Therefore when someone walks on a wet area of the floor, the liquid is then squeezed out of the tiny pores turning them into thousands of suction cups that helps stop the shoe from slipping. This is a general description of how the anti-slip procedure works, for any inquiries regarding different types of surfaces or products, please contact an ATR representative.

  • Increases traction of floor, especially when wet
  • Reduces risk of liability
  • Treatment is not a coating that can wear and that requires repeated re-application
  • May lower insurance rates due to increased safety
  • One application can last up to 4 years depending on traffic


ATR Maintenance Services has developed a custom trailer mounted system to effectively remove grime and clean discolored grout to like new conditions. Even tiles with an anti-slip texture on them tend to trap dirt in the pits, with our cleaning methods the dirt has nowhere to hide. To do this we use a cleaning system that sprays hot water at a low PSI which is easy on the grout but still has the power to remove all dirt from the tiles and grout. With the cleaning power of hot water and the help of a very small amount cleaning product, our cleaning process is predominantly green.

In some cases others have made the mistake to place floor wax on tiles and grout. We can come in to remove the floor of all finishes and by using our cleaning system we can remove the wax build up from within the grout to restore it back to its original state.

  • Appearance of grout is consistent throughout
  • Removal of dirt, stains and bacteria
  • Removal of odors (typically in kitchens)


To restore dull natural stone floors such as marble or terrazzo we at ATR Maintenance Services implement a diamond polishing procedure that micro-polishes the tiles to a shine. This process does not require any harsh chemicals or floor finish that can smell and take time to dry. The procedure takes the natural gloss of the stone floor and simply enhances it.

A common mistake within the industry is to apply a wax on these natural stone tiles. The wax does not bond to the tile and over a short period of time the finish will begin to yellow. This happens because the tile is too porous and the wax layers on top don’t allow the stone to breath. However, in situations where the tiles are beginning to pit a proper sealer may be applied to these natural floors.

  • Super glossy or ‘wet’ look
  • No strong smelling chemicals are needed
  • No drying time is needed
  • It is a relatively quiet procedure
  • Increases longevity of floor
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