ATR Services – Kitchener Waterloo Maintenance

Unit Turnover


Tenant turnover doesn’t need to be a complicated process. Our goal is to capture a good first impression for your new tenant. After tenants vacate, a collaboration of the ATR services will let us complete all that is required in a timely manner to get the unit/dwelling ready for the next tenant. We are very accustom to dealing with complex and tight timelines in order to reach the completions of the units. Typical services utilized for the turnover include but are not limited too;

  • Drywall rework and painting
  • Junk removal, removal of all items remaining no matter how big or small
  • Unit lock rekey and mastering
  • Small repairs, ensure all components are checked for functionality and working as they should be
  • Window screen replacement, and flooring repairs
  • Unit cleaning
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