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Commercial Pressure Washing

General Pressure Washing

ATR Maintenance Services can pressure wash a variety of different surfaces; leaving them in the best condition possible. Utilizing our hot-water industrial grade pressure washer, combined with our interchangeable tips, we can ensure that sufficient pressure is used during the cleaning process, without damaging the surface. In most cases, chemicals are not required.

ATR continually strives to provide a safe working environment, and comes to each job with safety equipment and signs. Our skilled and licensed staff are able to work with many types of elevated work platforms from boom lifts to skyjacks, there is no type of job we are not prepared for.

ATR Maintenance Services operates tailored equipment and creates individual work plans to meet the demands of each job. This ensures that the job is completed in a timely and effective manner, while focusing on attention to detail.

Graffiti Removal

The appearance of graffiti in a community not only looks unsightly, but can encourage vandals to return and create more markings. ATR Maintenance Services offers prompt removal and eliminates graffiti with very minimal or no damage to the underneath surface. Combining our highly specialized solvents with our hot water pressure washer, ATR can remove graffiti from virtually any surface.

Removing graffiti from stucco requires us to remove as much of the graffiti paint as possible. After the wall is dry we then paint the wall to exactly match the pre existing paint. Due to the composition of stucco, a new layer of paint is required to leave the wall free of the graffiti mark.

The faster graffiti is removed, the more it prevents “taggers”, from returning. This shows that the property owner will not stand for these markings.

  • Preventing “taggers” from returning and vandalizing more
  • Creates a clean image
  • Restores the property value

Garbage Chute Cleaning

When building tenants discard their garbage into the garbage chute, bags have a tendency to open or rip on the way down. As this happens, any wet garbage will cling to the inner walls and dry garbage will thus stick to the wet garbage creating fire risks, bacteria/virus build up, and extreme odor problems. ATR Maintenance Services can help eliminate all of the above.

Utilizing our hot-water industrial grade pressure washer with our customized equipment and cleaning agents we are able to restore the garbage chute back to its original state. After the chute has been attentively rinsed down to our satisfaction we don’t stop there. We then proceed to each floor cleaning all grime from within each chute door as well as giving the garbage collection area a thorough rinsing. After all this is completed we then release an anti-bacterial spray followed by a de-odorizing agent down the chute to help eliminate future bacteria growth and odors. ATR Maintenance Services can also clean out garbage bins, and/or garbage compactors, removing all grime and debris.

  • Removal of odor
  • Reducing health risks for tenants and staff
  • Removal of bacteria, viruses and build-up of garbage
  • Reducing risk of fire
  • Reducing rodent problems
  • Increasing longevity of chute, compactor and bin
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